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Excedrin®/H&R Block®
Leveraging a Big Idea into an Integrated Marketing Effort

Objective: The goal of Excedrin® was to stimulate trial and improve trade execution while reinforcing headache relief, the brand essence.

Challenge: The greatest challenge was to identify one universal headache.

Solution: Marketing Visions leveraged one of the biggest headaches of all — taxes — by partnering with H&R Block to sponsor “FREE Taxes for Life!” Consumers could win whatever they owned in federal taxes every year for the rest of their life!

Elements: “FREE Taxes for Life!” was fully integrated across all elements of the marketing mix. Millions of instant-win game cards were packed in Excedrin boxes. A series of 30-second TV commercials and a 42-city PR tour recommended two Excedrin and H&R Block to alleviate tax headaches. Excedrin samples were distributed nationally in H&R Block offices and at major Post Offices on April 15th, Tax Day. A free-with-purchase H&R Block “Tax Tips Booklet” was placed on Excedrin displays.

Results: Capturing the imagination of consumers, the trade, and curing Excedrin's headache, this program paid off with enormous share gains that stuck to the ribs, and the highest display levels in Excedrin's history — so much so, it was written up in the Wall Street Journal.